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Decision Support

It’s not just policy, not only procedure, but the intersections of the two that give clear direction—we map the way to success with the following vision: “We must base our decisions on authoritative data captured in a comprehensive management information approach linked not only to acquisition, but also to requirements, and the planning, programming, budgeting and execution system.  This will help achieve insight and clarity, and honesty balance risks at the portfolio level to get the best value for the taxpayer.” PEGi has a long history of participation in OSD-led refresh and synchronization of programmatic requirements.  Maximize resources and return on investment and minimize risk with tools for the integrated picture across the enterprise, platform, program, and organization that inform decision makers at all levels.  We use a capabilities-based requirements planning process based on subjective, operational expertise and objective analysis to identify required capabilities to assist our clients to rapidly deliver affordable, and sustainable capabilities to meet the operators’ needs. We use our Knowledge Intelligent Management (KIM) components as well as the frameworks established by DoD integrated architectures, top-down direction, urgent MAJCOM needs, research and development results, and results of technology demonstrations and operational and war gaming exercises to assist in developing program requirements for affordable new capabilities. Our “evolutionary” implementation through use of short development cycle times (typically less than 120 days).  This enables us to get new functionality and enhanced analytical business intelligence (BI) capability in the hands of our end users rapidly.  Energy, Drive, Risk-Taking, and Innovation:  Highly motivated to define, establish, and direct organizational focus on process improvement (on challenging and highly complex projects/programs). Assess and provide strategic direction for resolution of mission critical problems, policies, and procedures. Develop innovative approaches to engage senior decision-makers/clients, to include interactive demos to the BI portion of the “little a” acquisition domain capability activities which may lead to saving BIG dollars in development work as well as to maintain public trust in the government’s funding and contracting process. Provide best of real-time analytics within the context of business decisions to surface facts and insights from “Big Data”— unifies information from all sources and allows organizations to leverage and manage their enterprise.
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